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I am pleased to Introduce to you the "Struck Down by Restored" 90 day journal which was written by IfeOluwa the founder of the Hidden In His Strength Platform and the Convener of the "The Survivors Walk"

This Journal is designed as a toolkit for survivors of abuse struggling with finding forgiveness and moving on into the future.

This Journal will help you to deal with your past, Find forgiveness and also launch you forward into the future. 

You can check out our blog post about the importance of Journalling. 

Pick a copy today. All proceeds made from the sale of the Journal goes into the "The Survivor's Walk" Campaign. For every copy sold you are buying 6 months worth of sanitary towel for a girl in Africa.

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These are our upcoming events, be sure to check back in the future for more!

26th-30th of March 2018

 8 in 10 girls will be violated before they reach the age of 18 in most parts of Africa.

Being a survivor myself, I have decided to be a voice for the child I was once, the child who had no voice. 

I have decided to support and empower young girls. I wished someone spoke out for me at the time, I wished I could talk to someone without feeling judged or ashamed of what happened to me. I wished all sorts of wishes but if wishes were horses we would all be Millionaires eh..

I believe there's a young girl out there who deserves the same, which won't happen if I sat and just enjoy my pretty life.

How many young girls are out there looking for that break, searching for love in the wrong places and a shoulder to cry on. 

 It's high time society stop stigmatising survivors. 

I am embarking on "The Survivor's Walk.

In every community we visit

1. We would be giving out Free Sanitary towels and other freebies.

2. Teaching girls about being safe out there

3. Empowering and sensitising the community at large about how to easily identify a sexual predator and also how to protect their young children from falling prey.

4. Set up sexual health Clinic and seeking help for girls who have been sexually violated.

This is my goal for every impoverished community we visit.

I can't reach or teach every girl but I will start from somewhere!

Our First Outreach is happening in a village called Asa in Iwo town Osun state Nigeria between the 26th and 30th March 2018. 

Kindly support by giving towards this project... click on the Image on your left. Thank you.