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The Official report for "The Survivor's Walk" 2019..

18th of April 2018

Aminat (A mum of 3, Fashion designer, One of our Volunteers from Osogbo, Here is what she had to say)

The Survivor's walk' the whole experience was an eye opener for me, infact it was awesome.....

Whenever I hear of any case of rape especially in children it gives me goosebumps.

I have been looking forward to a platform where this menace can be tackled, when I saw this great platform of yours on Facebook, i was so happy to join you in the fight to tackle the issue of rape......

During the experience, i have learnt to create more awareness about rape, i have learnt to shower love to victims and give them hope that their situation is not the end, and also to enlighten parents to watch out for there kids and never stigmatize them, and most of it is to "speak out".. 

For myself I have learned a great deal from the Initiator, My Confidence has gone a notch higher.

Favour (A 2nd year Nursing student from Ile-Ife, This is what she had to say)

The survivor's walk 2018

I never understood how privileged I am and what it means to count my blessings until I joined the survivor's walk team.

I saw and interacted with young girls and boys, whose happiness can not be determined by gadgets nor prim and proper life but enjoy every moment of their life gratefully. But in my environment, we live each day like, '"...this one will pass by, I must have it else... "

They are the definition of grateful heart.

I'm humbled by this experience and pray I'll learn to be grateful for each day I live.

The Survivor's Walk 2019

 8 in 10 girls will be violated before they reach the age of 18 in most parts of Africa.

Being a survivor myself, I have decided to be a voice for the child I was once, the child who had no voice. 

I have decided to support and empower young girls. I wished someone spoke out for me at the time, I wished I could talk to someone without feeling judged or ashamed of what happened to me. I wished all sorts of wishes but if wishes were horses we would all be Millionaires eh..

I believe there's a young girl out there who deserves the same, which won't happen if I sat and just enjoy my pretty life.

How many young girls are out there looking for that break, searching for love in the wrong places and a shoulder to cry on. 

 It's high time society stop stigmatising survivors. 

I am embarking on "The Survivor's Walk.

In every community we visit

1. We would be giving out Free Sanitary towels and other freebies.

2. Teaching girls about being safe out there

3. Empowering and sensitising the community at large about how to easily identify a sexual predator and also how to protect their young children from falling prey.

4. Set up sexual health Clinic and seeking help for girls who have been sexually violated.

This is my goal for every impoverished community we visit.

I can't reach or teach every girl but I will start from somewhere!

Our very first Outreach was a huge success, we look forward to replicating this in another village, to partner or make monthly donations, Kindly email [email protected]

Every Little helps, you will be putting a smile on a girl's face.