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"I have decided to be a voice for the child I was once, for the little girl who had no voice"

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"The Initiative was borne out of my personal journey, as a child who was sexually molested, I had no voice, I understand the pain and despair.

But if I can conquer my worst demons, then any one can, my experiences and journey has helped me to find my purpose and passion"


"The Survivor's Walk is committed to creating awareness amongst teenage girls, carers, guardians and parents on how to recognise signs of sexual abuse, the initiative is committed to offering psychosocial, physical and spiritual support for survivors"


"We are committed to making visits to targeted communities at specific times of the year bringing in teams of health professionals who will offer sexual health talks and advise and also run sexual health clinics for a few days in the community."


The Initiative will also be providing yearly supply of sanitary towels for young girls who are not able to afford one in each deprived community that we visit.


The Initiative will also be organising 10km long distance walks twice in a year in an African country of choice targeted at creating awareness and sensitising  the African community at large